Monday, June 1, 2009

I am feeling like a semi-pro geek now :D

Hello :D

I am a lazy blogger I know but whenever I write then it is worth reading . I always try to make you happy .

The reason for this post is to share my approx 1 years journey in blogging . I am not a great professional blogger but I am a blogger :D and this is important .

It started like ---

" In June 2007 my father bought me a acer laptop as I had taken admision in MCA . Then after joining college I got new friends . Broke up with few but again got another .
And those I got were good but one of them was a hidden treasure of internet . He is Chetan Gole good friend of mine now .

But at that time I was unaware of him and blogging too :D As the time passed he explored me about blogging and gave me few tips . He taught me how to create a blog with your google profile and etc . I am a blogger due to him otherwise I still would be wasting my time on orkut and other sites :D

Like a big brother he told me what to do an what not to .So it was easy for me to improve much faster . Firstly I did it with enthusiasm but due to college and other activities it was hard to be a dedicated blogger :( Still it is same .

When I created this blog I thought now money will fall like rain drops on me but this was not true . After experiencing the facts I realized that you need to have it in your heart and soul to be a professional blogger and then only you can think of earning .

To run behind money is good but here in blogging when you run only for money then money also run away from you .

Keeping this in mind I blog and try to keep my guests happy :D

Now when I am getting more interested in blogging I always get the fear to loosing this work . Means after 1 or 2 years I will get job as I will complete my MCA . And after that won't get time for blogging . I am not so sure about my future but I will remain a blogger forever .

In my blogging experience I had few good and best posts .
Some of the good posts are

Opps!! Are we similar ?
How to create BB connection
Canon A1000 IS digital camera-PowerShot

You liked this most . Thank you for reading my blog content .
Because of you only I got Page Rank 1 after more than a year .

As google has complemented me with the gift of PR 1 now I should keep continue blogging . Now I can aim high and get more PR under 2-4 will be like in heaven for me :D

I will be updating you about my work .
And again thank you for appreciating my work . As now I have also some powers of handling internet I feel like a semi-professional blogger who wants to become a professional blogger soon .

Thank you :D

Keep smiling


  1. I am the person who have seen your journey from first day of MCA ;) .

  2. Same is the case with me ;)
    Chetan helped me too, a lot.
    Like my teacher in the world of the internet and blogging... :)

  3. Awesome post. You inspire me to write a similar post about my one year of blogging which will come in 3 months from now.
    Happy and better blogging. :-)