Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to create a new Broadbad connection for Home Use

This is one of the way with the help of which you can create a new broadband connection if you know your user name and password.

I will update the post from time to time ....

But for now fallow this procedure below .
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Note : You must fallow these settings as per in the images.

Steps are ...

create new connection
Go to control panel and click the create new connection link on the left as per in the image below....

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Choose connect to internet > click next
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Then select the option in the middle . As per in pic .
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Again select the option in the middle . As per in pic .
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Write any name : Your ISP name ( Recommended )
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Enter username and pasword given by your Internet Service Provider

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You have now created a new Broadband connection .

For choosing open DNS read further .

Again go to Control Panel> Network Connections
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Right click on the newly created Broadband connection . And select properties.
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Now select Networking tab and then click on the TCP/IP once (Else double clicking will make the option unchecked and you won't be connected to net after doing the procedure ) .
And click on the properties button on the right .
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Final step :
After this window is opened click on the last choice box (Use the fallowing DNS server address ) and then enter the given values.



Open DNS gives the free DNS which will help you to enhance your network connection.
I use them :D

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So finally you can connect to the internet with high speed connection .

If you don't get any step or get confused in the steps then write here .
If you have good ideas then give me suggestions .

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  1. Oh, thanks for this simple explanation. It is now became more for me to easy to set up a connection :)

  2. Nice guide for new comers ..
    Really amazing and in simple words with proper screenshots. :)

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    Also how 2 create VPN connection..If possible..