Monday, June 1, 2009

How to create a blog ?

For a newbie this tutorial is very simple to create a blog with the help of blogger.
A newbie gets the only question in his mind is "How he can create a blog ? "

My answer is ...

To create a blog you need to fallow some steps . And if you fallow it in the given manner then all the things are easy . I will tell you the procedure of creating a blog on blogger .

A software setup on your computer needs to have minimum system requirements for it to get installed . Like this you should satisfy some requirements .

Note :Please don't close browser in between else you will have to do it again .

1> Create a Gmail or blogger account . It is better to create a Gmail account as with the same name you can access other services of Google . Like Orkut , blogger , Adsense etc .

2> Profile : After creating the account on gmail go to and sign in with your gmail account . Then you will get a page requesting you for your profile name .Give you name there . And click on continue tab .

3> Blog Address :Now the page with blogs title and url will be navigated . On this page you will have to insert the desired title for your blog and the address for your blog .

Blog Title - For example counter-strikefan
http://www.##your blogs

Check the url for availability if it is available then continue else keep trying new and unique address for your blog . Blogger helps you by suggesting names related to your blogs title.

And remember you blogs address write it somewhere for further checking .Because most of the times the newbie don't remember the blogs address as he is new to it :D

After doing this click on the continue tab for further steps .

4> You Are Done: Your blog is created now and you will get new page saying . Blog created successfully :D . But you are not done yet .

5> Posting : You will be navigated to the page of posting . This will be your new and first post .

According to me make the first post as your introduction to the world . Means who you are and what is the blog about .

Select the title as Hello World .
And write about you in the content block . After you are done then click the publish page button .

And your first post will be created .

6> Check Blog :
You can view your post with the view post or go to your blog url .

Finally your blog should look like this sample blog this page counter-strike .

7> For posting purpose you will have to sigh in to your blogger account and go to new post section in the listed blog .

If you encounter any problem then comment it here I will help you .

Take care and keep blogging :D


  1. Nice post.. Really helpful for the begineers. I too, started blogging with a blogger blog, n now I blog on a WordPress blog :)

  2. Aww...I really got to know more from here for Blogspot. Thanks keep posting like this.

  3. Aww...I really got to know more from here for Blogspot. Thanks keep posting like this.

  4. Aww...this is rally a good stuff :) Keep posting

  5. I don't know why you people are commenting for 2-3 times but its ok keep commenting

  6. i liked ur template, is it available for free download ? i wanna use it on my blogspot blog :D

  7. Hmmm nice.. U r a really gr8 guide..