Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Canon A1000 IS digital camera-PowerShot

Hell-0 friends :D

My big brother bought a new digital camera for his wedding . This camera is actually gift from my sister's family to him .

He was given around 10k as gift .So he planned to buy camera below that price.
He searched for the best camera available in the local stores . And he bought himself " Canon digital camera A1000 IS " for 9900 INR :) He saved 100 Rupees and then bought another reserve transcend 4GB memory card for 400 INR :) In all a great deal :D

After purchase he handed that camera to me and I explored it and still doing the same :D HE HA HA HA

I firstly took few photographs of this camera for this post with my cell phone Sony Ericsson k750i :)

After exploring I found some features of this camera ...

1 This camera comes with the power of 10MP .

2 Optical zoom of 4X .

3 Excellent quality of video can be recorded with great quality of sound .

4 Comes with more than 11 modes for taking photographs.

5 TV out .

6 Easy keys and functions to handle .

7 Can detect 9 faces in a single image .

8 Direct image printing .

9.Large display for shooting and image viewing.

Features are good according to me . And I am happy that he bought a good camera which I can also use for my life moments .

He even got a 2 GB memory card for free :D
The only thing which is hurting me is ,they did not give him the camera case for free :(

Check the display

I was unknown about this camera but after doing some research I found that this camera was on of the best cameras in the range of 10k and 10MP in the year 2008 :)

I know evolution of cameras is very fast in this decade but I think my brother bought a good piece for a good price :)

Check pics of this camera while I was unpacking it .

Sample images ( Taken from the Canon A1000 IS camera )

Still Blogger has reduced its size to 350 KB from 4.4 MB :(
Better you check the following links .

Sample 1
Sample 2


  1. The pictures are so professionally taken that it seems the camera company itself has clicked them to display :P

  2. Oh.. it is really a cool cam for really cheap price.. Within 10k, it would be the best to buy... :)

  3. Hi,
    Good Deal! But I would like to know the Battery type and capacity.
    Also, upload some of the pics taken by the camera itself. I think your face is the best for it!

  4. Hello Ashish,
    you have provided in-depth information about this product. Your way of presentation and information sharing is excellent.

    Keep it up.


  5. The batteries are AA type which we use for our household purpose ...
    220 minutes is the backup of this battery for this camera nearly 4 hours ,

    Up till now the ma image size is 6.7 MB .
    On average
    1 image = 5 MB .

    That is why I did not upload the pics taken from the camera .

    But I am uploading new image for you :)

  6. I always trust Canon. Have one!

  7. Canon is famous for there high end SLR and yes there superb lenses. This powershot cam is really superb in its range. With good zoom function and other facilities like ISO level must be good !!

    You should upload some clicks on your new cam here itself :)

  8. This is the sample image .

  9. Wah wah chaan aahe... camera aani photo too