Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Opps !! Are we similar ?

Whenever I get time I surf , blog or read . And whenever I get any interesting thing I continue to think on it . Once I found a article in local magazine that " Geeks and Gangster are same " .

So after doing a research on that I found this facts .
I am not kidding .

To explain this I have two images and then you will get what I am trying to say :D
Don't take it otherwise .

Please click on the images to get enlarged view :D


  1. Great. .. So we can say Geeks and Gangsters !! :D

  2. Indirectly I can say to others be aware of me !!!
    Don't mess with me :D

  3. coool man!!
    I just understood that i m a gangster too.. ;)

  4. This is like something Hard to Understand Bro

  5. yeah.. we are the same.. ha ha haha.. :).. Great one..

  6. very funny and hilarious...I get remainded of villans in cinemas