Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to keep your laptop cool ?

Summer season is on its peak and we need to protect ourselves for this . For keeping our body temperature maintained we use many thing and one of them is cooling fan otherwise our body will fall pray to disease .
Like this our computer also needs cooling otherwise it won;t work for long duration .

Normally computer is provided with few fans by the manufacturer. But these are not enough to cool the core for long . Even they gets heat up after some time .

I think most of the people work on their mobile computers i.e. Laptops :D
This post will help them to reduce their laptops over heat up problem .

I searched for the external devices to reduce the heat . After observing these you would get the idea how these devices are :D

3-Fan Variable Tilt Laptop Cooling Pad (USB Powered)

High Performance Laptop Air Cooling Fan

High-Performance 3-Fan Laptop Cooling Pad with 4-Port USB Hub

USB Laptop Cooling Pad with All-in-One Card Reader and 4-Port Hub

So there is variety of devices available to make your laptop much cooler than before. So bye it and keep it cool :D

I always go for dealextreme as it gives free shipping and quality product with very less price :D

I am not an affiliate of this site :D
So buy this if you like .


  1. The 2nd and 3rd Fan is really cool :)

  2. These pads are cool, but quiet expensive. These costs from $15 to $30.
    But here, in local market, you will easily find these in 200 to 500 rs ;) (>$10)

  3. Good Research Ashish!
    I think Laptop manufacturers should provide more cooling solutions in Hot regions like India.

  4. Thanks buddy.. I have been using Dell Studio from long time and I have been facing hitting problem.. hope this will help

  5. it is not like it is only useful in summer :D
    Our lappies processors need considerable temperature ....
    And it is not maintained in India :D

  6. Thanks buddy,

    useful information for me.

  7. great post

  8. That an useful accessory for the laptops. I shall definitely buy one for my Lenovo Laptop. In the meantime, i found some interesting computer accessories at Prices Bolo. You can infact compare laptops and choose the best one for you.

  9. Lovely and all have to view it. Its amazing. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. If you find yourself wanting a system like this : if, as an example, you often have to use your laptop somewhere using a high ambient temperature, or just want a personal computer peripheral that can dry your own nail gloss - then this take on the actual USB Fan gets the job done reasonably cheaply. Simply enjoy the tiny lights while they last.

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