Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pictures taken from my Sony Ericsson C510

Those who are searching for the sample pics taken from Sony Ericsson C510 then this is the right post to get those .

I bought this mobile a month ago and has taken 550 Photos and 100 videos :D

And it provides different modes for the image to be taken . Some of them are ..

My creation ChetanLisa

Another PankajLisa :D

Macro : This is the close -up photography . Taking image from very close from the object .


Night Mode :

Sports :

I did this because the windmill was moving very fast so I selected the sports mode .

I think this photo feature is enough for the buyer to get the idea of how good the camera is !

If you need more pictures taken with C510 then comment your request here .


  1. Nice clicks buddy.. at first pick... its ME :D

  2. Sony Ericsson C510 has a gr8 camera I believe.Nice post. Your blogging style is extremely different.

  3. mobiles have lots of functions and sometimes more than high ends...

  4. ye nigga number 1 phone

  5. Please post some new pictures with camera zoomed in on a object from a certain distance.