Monday, July 13, 2009

USB Powered LED Keyboard Light for Laptop

I always think about keeping my laptop in its best condition . For this there are many accessories available . After searching for the devices which makes laptops efficient, I found few .

This device is alternative to the branded accessories which are costly . But here you have cheap but efficient devices . I have one device which is useful for all .

Flexible USB Powered LED Keyboard Light :

I work on laptop whole day but at night get some problem . As my family members sleep in the same room where I work , it creates problems for me . I have to work in dark . And to work in dark is not an easy task . So for me this USB powered LED keyboard flashlight is useful. I have purchased USB powered LED flash light

Most of the people use their laptop in their bedroom and others use it all the time . But when there is no electricity in the room then also we use the laptop but it is hard to work on it at that time . So if you want to test this product then purchase it . It is cheap and effective . The product can be returned if you are not satisfied with it .

You can adjust the wire as it is build for that . You can twist the flexible neck of USB LED light or make it look as per your convenience.

As this is the USB device then you can directly plug this LED light and get your work done .

Try this for 2.6 USD .


  1. According to reviews at DX the product looks good. i will try when it will be delivered at your door steps.

  2. Yup I will give you review about this USB LED light for laptop :D

  3. good one..even i'll try this..thanks for the help

  4. Looks useful and cheap. Since the OLED boards are quite expensive this USB flashlight is extremely useful.

  5. it is an interesting product...wont it strain your eyes too much