Thursday, June 4, 2009

My new Sony Ericsson C510 Cybershot

Yes I bought Sony Ericsson C510 cybershot™

Actually my parents gave me 9k INR for buying a new cell phone . But when I went for purchase then found variety of cell phones . One which I liked was K810i . But my friend chetan has bought that camera 2-3 months before . That is the only reason why I did not buy k810i :D But this thing only gave me chance of buying SE C510 . I bought Sony Ericsson C510 Cybershot for 10700 Indian Rupees .

I was aware of the SE C510 but was not knowing complete specifications of it . This phone was launched in Feb 09 . And came in the market So when I went to buy the phone the shopkeeper explained me about its features . Then I bought it and explored it for 4 days in between my exams . And after 4 days of use I got some of the good points :) and few other bad points of this Cybershot™ C510 :(

The specification for you by the manufacturer :
1# 3.2 MP LED Flash
2# Accelerometer - Supports motion gaming
3# Threading in sms - Conversation
4# Large Display
5# Face Detection and smile shutter :)
6# Walkman 3.0 - Bass Reflex headphone
7# 8 GB Expandable memory and 100 MB internal memory
8# Smooth functioning keypad

9# 10hrs battery backup in 2G and 4hrs in 3g network .

Good points to remember :

1. Smile shutter is a advantage if you compare the phone with other cell phones as it the first phone in which this technology is used .

2. Motion gaming is at its best . Sony has made me happy by giving accelerometer in it . Whenever I tilt my phone the screen changes accordingly .

3. Easy to handle new Walkman 3.0 ™ player .

4. Comes with advantage of threaded conversations i.e. threaded sms .

5. Slim design and great looks . Screen is large enough to watch a movie on it .

6. Records video with good quality . Stores video in .MP4 extension :D hehe


Bad points to remember :
1. Camera is not best given by Sony Ericsson . I thought before buying that the Cybershot phone should give me best pictures but this was not so . When I take images in the dark or inside home then the image gets blur. This is because the size of the aperture it is about 1:3.5 which is smaller than other Sony Ericsson phones which have 1:2.5 aperture. The ISO mode and other factors affects the quality of the image . I will modify it toits best after few days . Not now as the camera is new :D
2. Why should I write another bad point if there isn't any other :D

This camera comes in two colors one is the Radiation Silver & Future Black . But it is not complete black it comes with few shade of blue color .

Pictures taken while unpacking SE C510 .

I bought new C510 on 1/06/09

Finally I got this phone and I am happy .After all it is a 3G phone with all the features like EDGE , HSDPA, HSUPA only lack in WLAN . In approximately 11K INR GPS is not given in this phone . But there is no use of GPS in Nagpur as no maps ae made for our city :D

As this is my last phone from my family to me and after this I won't get any from them . I will have to buy other by my own money :D LoL
(Photos taken from SE K750i )

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  1. incomparable with a conventional camera since neither the shutter speed nor the aperture are adjustable!

  2. Buddy, your handset have very advanced features like smile shutter and face detections. Walkman 3 is just superb, Your handset sound is much much better compared to mine. :)
    Though camera is really problem, but dont worry we will change its drivers soon ;)

  3. @ghadello
    if you change the camera drivers then you can adjust the shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, color saturation, contrast, and even you can add facility of manual focus too !!
    i have all these facilities in my K810i after changing its drivers :)
    Even a normal digi cam cant provide you such facilities. and when compared to DSLRs you cant compare even normal digi cam to some normal SLR !! :)

  4. Yup buddy I have started searching for the camera drivers my phone . Like I modded my last phone k750i . And you are experienced in modding too .We can change the camera drivers of any SE which is compatible .

    My phone comes under A2 systems which is more restricted by SE . And the modding up to certain level is acceptable by company. But they say if the phone is completely unlocked then the warranty expires.

    So will wait for few more days . Only 360 days :D

  5. Exploring a new gadget is always a feel good task. Nice phone!!!

  6. That's a pretty cool phone, but I'm still a fan of my Nokia E51! :D

  7. this phone is good, but is doesn't have xenon flash.. And your old phone was also good, best in its class.. :)

  8. hey ashish badiyan yaar... nice cell....
    treat kab milegi... :) ;)

  9. Hi Good phone Ashish. Party kab hai?
    SE phone are faster than Nokia and U can change the drivers. Nokia should do something to provide upgradation and Increase speed.

    I am also planning to change my N72. But everything depends on Result!

  10. Why you always depend on result .
    I bought this camera in between the exams :D
    You can also buy this like me .
    Do for it sanket

  11. Ye Party.....

  12. hmm.. your headset is better than my, that i`ve bought yesterday at Ukraine..
    Also i had a problem with a flashcard. sometimes the phone didnt see it..

  13. I searched for camera mods .
    But there are no such effective camera mods available for sony ericsson c510 cell phone .
    As the mobile is hardly a year old , and as now days every company including Sony Ericsson,Nokia are launching new mobile model . So the customers have more choices to buy . And the fact that those who modify the drivers of who do modding buys a cell phone which has less bugs .

    I have searched for drivers on SE-NSE , esato and other forums but the " modding people " don't touch the thread of C510 as it has a huge camera problem of aperture . They say - " we can change code lines but can't change the hardware " . So we can only hope for few more months to get nice camera mod for sony ericson c510 .

  14. can any one of you pls tell me how to change the drievers and where to get them .. i have also C510 and facing some camera problem in night. and can u pls tell me What exactly meaning of Cybershot.?

  15. can any one tell me how to connect net in c510 via PC

  16. @SAKI In your phone go to setting - > connectivity - > usb network type - >phone as modem / via computer select via computer and try to connect with USB cable