Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Poem dedicated to E-Forum

On 1st October  my company was established and now it has completed it's 12 years. We celebrated this day with cubicle decoration and by playing some games. In which Fishpond was interesting game to play.

I am a fresher  So on this occasion I carved a poem onto paper. Not dedicated to any girl or other employee. It was dedicated to E-Form people.
This is it!

"If E-Forum is Fishpond then I am a fish too,
 A fish which is quite fresh and new ,

 On first day I was center of attraction not for few,
 Other big fishes checked my fins and gills too,

 I found some big fish and some small fishes like me and you,
  And few fishes found some way to other pond and those just flew,

 It was sad but not bad that we were decremented by few,
 But now we young fishes are here we will try to change old look to new,

 As we are young we don't know the borders of underwater view,
 we request you to guide us for getting smooth journey which is coming through.

 And finally this small fish is saying thank you :D"

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  1. Wow that was a great poem, Thanks for sharing it with us, your good.