Monday, August 2, 2010

epic - The Indian Web Browser

Epic is India's new web browser from Hidden Reflex team from Bangalore( In US also). It is an Indian web browser because it supports almost most used languages known in India ( except tribal :D ) and is programmed by Indian fingers.

Epic is constructed over Firefox engine so that it takes all the features of the original web browser. You can say it was not completely build by Indian developers but is extended by them. Hidden Reflex took support of few addons and developers from other nations too to make it possible.

Feature list :

1. It is of 10 MB size.
2. Supports specific Indian languages.
3. Only web browser in the world with anti-virus protection built-in.
4. Users can choose from 1500+ Indian themes including browser-based wallpapers.
5. Supports most addons i.e. plugins which are supported by Firefox.
6. Play or download video in sidebar while performing other task on the browser.
7. Flashes Indian news on left side of browser if needed.
8. You can take backup of your data to epic with help of Google account details.

And still exploring its features.

Few screen shots of epic web browser.

Just give it a try ..

Dwonload epic Web Browser for free

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  1. Aahaa!!!! New browser based on Firefox. I will explore it more. Regarding your blog theme, internet users are to my opinion always lazy when reading the post. So having white text in black background, will have a tough time for them to read your posts. So there are more chances they skip your posts without reading it completely.