Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Shot Down Video new Facebook spam

Another new spam is spreading very fast on Facebook under name of
Osama shot down video .It won't be stealing your personal information but may affect your image ":D" in social networking.

If you find your friend has shared some thing related to Osama shot down video don't click on it or do "I like" it and not even share it as there is no such video. If you do then you will be a spam victim.
They will show video page like this and will try to trap you for a censored video.

But there is no such video with them. They will just trick you to execute their script using simple 5 steps .

And what that actually do is ....

Step 1 > Will copy their script in clipboard CTRL+C
Step 2 > Will point to address bar ALT+D
Step 3 > Will paste their script CTRL+V
Step 4> With your help script will now send that same link to everyone in your friend list. ENTER
Step 5>  Even you wont get any video :p you may find it on everyone's profile from your list . :p

So spread this and make your friends aware. 

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