Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Increase visitors for free with Stumbleudon

!! Merry Christmas !!
Hello friends.

After coming into this field of blogging It was hard for me to get more visitors.And after some years of dedication I managed to get daily 20 visitors thorough Google search. And 20 visitors per days is like nothing so one of my friend who is in blogging from about 5 years told me to use Stumbleupon.

StumbleUpon is a service with which bloggers around the world share good articles and review those. If a stumbler come across the same page which is already reviewed by other stumblers then he/she can view that page's reviews and submit his/her own review else he/she can discover that page to StumbleUpons database.And can mark that page with "I like it!/Do not" so that it get added to the reviewers favorite pages.Real stumblers use StumbleUpon to get real and interesting content but SEOs use it for more visitors.So make more followers as more friends means more visitors in StumbleUpon.

But what if you are not a popular blogger and don't have more friends in your list.
And don't have time to submit content to every stumbler in your list. In that case StumbleUdon is very much useful.You just need to have 20 followers in your list then you can join StumbleUdon.Stumbleudon is a service which provides stumblers free stumbles. The stumbler only need to submit the content link to StumbleUdons servers with simple 3 step procedure. And then other stumblers stumble the page till 24hours. The Number of visitors totally depends upon the quality of content you write.Keeping this in mind I updated my writing skills.And started sharing my web content to StumbleUdon.

Following is the statistics of my blog in year 2009.

(You can check my Sitemeter statistics by clicking on visitor counter at bottom of this page)

I was member of StumbleUdon since October 2008 but started using StumbleUdon in full throttle from last week of April 2009 .In May 2009 I purchased Sony Ericsson C510 camera phone and posted it to my blog. I shared that link to other stumblers they discovered that page and then I submitted that page to StumbleUdon asap.When I spread it to StumbleUdon free traffic machine I got more visitors.The post was about new phone so was popular amongst StumbleUpon users.

StumbleUdon helped me more in other posts too like Opps!! Are we similar. As you can see in above picture of my blogs statistics I managed to get around 4 thousand pageviews with around 2449 unique visits. I got it as my content was a little interesting and I submitted it to StumbleUdon quickly.To show you what I am saying is not lie please check its reviews or views they are 1127 views and check other page's reviews.I know these figures are to be praised but it's good for me.

After September 2009 you can see the fall down of visitors and this is because of I was busy in exams as I am a student. But whenever I get time I try to post good content.

I know there are many StumbleUpon users who have page views of around 30K and more but after using services of StumbleUdon I managed my blog to get Page Rank 2 from nowhere. It was N/A for more than a year and then it got PR0 after introducing it to StumbleUpon it became PR1 and now its PR2 :D And these figures are one of my biggest achievement in blogging. I am not a professional blogger or God in blogging but for a small blogger like me getting more readers is the only aim.

And this is satisfied by StumbleUdon with the help of StumbleUpon.So join it and get free stumbles.Why to spend $$ when you get more visitors and free stumbles from Stumbleudon.Join Stumbleudon here for free

Few important things about Stumbleudon are,you
1. must have 20 or more friends in your list of stumbleupon.
2. will get free stumbles once in 24 hours
3. spread new and original links to get more traffic( I assure if its original and more self explanatory then that page may explode like nuclear bomb and may get thousands of visits in less time and its legal)
4. get free stumbles daily but udons are to be stored to get multiple stumbles.
5. Page must be discovered to stumbleupon database.
6. should not submit old link which has already more than 100 stumbles as this will act as spam and other stumblers will ignore your sent pages.
7. Write original and fresh content and get more visitors

So start stumbling and submit fresh content to Stumbleudons to get more free visitors.But don't use it as a only source of traffic because the key is good content.

Happy new year in advance :D

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