Friday, December 18, 2009

Search with Google goggles an application for Android phone

In real life most of the time we come in situation where we need to tell the name of place to other person just by seeing it or by its photograph and we hardly remember or know its name.As we don't have habit of remembering all.

Keeping this in mind Google has developed an application for Android phones which will surprisingly show you name of the place,book,landmark,logo and contact information(So that our memory will be more weaker ;p).I thought about this technology about 2 years back and thought Chinese would definitely make it possible but Google did it .

Check this official video -

Google Goggles is an visual search application for Android phones. Rather than using words,and long text take a picture of an object with your camera phone. And after taking it Google visual search mechanism searches for the image details.Displays the result just like normal Google search result.

If you don't want to take a picture of local business buildings like music shop or a Hotel then by using camera preview mode Google searches for and displays its name directly just by pointing to that place.

I think Google will need to work on it very deeply as on earth when there can be more than one person of same face likewise there are many landmarks and places which have replicas of it.

Currently you won't be able to identify animals,plants and cars.Else it would have been much easier for me to identify cars as I hardly remember versions and model of different car companies but if Google Goggles identify cars too then ask me any thing about cars :D

Android user can download Google Goggles just by searching for it in Android market using "Google Goggles" keywords .