Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New iPhone 3G S - The Power is yours

" An apple a day keeps doctor away "

So my advice to Doctors is not to buy this phone :D LOL

This apple is not that apple which we can buy everyday , but can use it :D
Apple has introduced its new modified iPhone 3G S .It's launch is scheduled on 19 June 2009. Its price starts from 199$ to 299$ . They have maintained the previous features but in addition to that some other features can make it more popular.

Features :

* 2 times faster than iPhone 3G
* Build in camera with video recording and editing 3 MP .
* Voice control
* Compass
* 16 - 32 GB size
* Longer battery life

Let us see its features in detail.

Performance has been improved by 2x .

Now the surfing speed and the application speed is much better than the previous one. As they have added appropriate hardware for display and performance purpose .

The iPhone 3G has certain issues and the video recording was one of them. But now in iPhone 3G S the video recording feature has been added. They have not only added the feature but they have upgraded the camera by giving 3 mega pixels with auto focus. So that you can now record your video in max VGA mode . VGA is good for video recording for camera phones . With 3 Mega Pixels of resolution and auto focus you can enjoy shooting videos . With the real time focus advantage you can zoom at your object it . But the flash is missing :( . In all camera can be considered as the plus point.

You can control your contacts and music player with the help of voice command technique . This feature is similar to the iPhone Shuffle .

Compass is another additional feature added in this model . You can now use the phone as the compass to get the direction . And with the application you can locate yourself on the map . But the compass feature can be deflected by the nearby magnetic field .

The memory storage is another key feature . As with all the applications , songs and video recording feature you will need much space . That is why they have added 16 GB memory to iPhone 3G S whose cost is 199 $ and 32 GB for 299$ . It is more than enough to have this much space .

And the battery life is actually appropriate for this phone . They have given the life according to usage. Approximately you can have this phone with you for 5Hours if used with all the features .

Quick remainder about iPhone 3G S .The new iPhone 3G S is the newest technology present . Apple is going to launch this on June 19 .Starting at 199 $ to 299$ with 16 and 32 GB space respectively . High quality video recording . Updated operating system and applications . Top end in Apple iPhone .

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  1. I love iPhone.. one day I will buy it :P

  2. Whats use of it ?? India me cost kya hogi ??

  3. iPhones are cool, but I miss normal keyboard. Also I think they are a bit overpriced. I am still a Nokia fan :D

  4. Hmm. iPhone .. Nice handset.
    But cost at India :( ...

  5. The Indian price for apple iPhone is always double of its global price .
    So can't say its actual price but can guess it .
    Might be around 20k as the global price is 10k .
    If direcly purchased from apple store then it would be more money saving .

  6. i m feeling too drowsy now...
    Call Karun sangshil kay lihila ahe te....Bye..GD.Nt