Thursday, March 12, 2009

New iPod Shuffle

Hello Friends !!

I know this is a long gap in between posts but I don't get time to write new posts due to studies.

So again I came with a new thinnest gadget from apple which is the iPod Shuffle .

There is no huge difference in size(memory) if you compare the previous versions of apple ipod shuffle . 4B memory can approximately have 1000 songs in it .

But the difference lies in the size ( dimensions ) of this shuffle :p

Only 1.8 inches in height .......

You must be wondering what is new in this shuffle other than size and shape ??
Here is the answer "Voicevoer " .VoiceOver is the exciting new feature that makes iPod shuffle the first music player that talks to you.
It gives you the name of the current song i.e. title and artist name etc .
And the best thing is that it tell you all without disturbing the music flow.
Also you can listen to the music in continuation. This is something new which is not present in any other music player .

Besides this the player can manage multiple play lists with the help of Voicevoer .
It can tell you the name of current play list too .
Let us see how this work practically .

In today's date every single penny count but You can have this in $79 .


  1. Besides design, the new feature of iPod shuffle is really coo....Have you seen them ? Now its talking ipod :)

  2. sound very interesting

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  4. Nice to read this

  5. it has an amazing looks.. and it is an iPod, so naturally it would be too cool and costly as well... :)

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