Monday, June 8, 2009

Sony Ericsson Satio -12.1 Mega Pixel

Sony Ericsson has announced their new phone Satio . The main focus is given on its camera which is amazingly 12.1 MP . This is the first cell phone in the world to have that much amount of mega pixels .

The main idea is to drag the customers who want to use their mobile as a true digital camera .As in the market there are many digital cameras available which give satisfactory quality of image . So they have developed this camera on the thought that those who want the cell phone with a digital camera will buy it . It can not be compared with the traditional digital camera . As they have digital zoom and best optical lenses. But for a mobile phone it is a big kind of achievement for Sony Ericson .

The specifications given by the company are ,

1> 12.1 Megapixel camera , touch focus ,Xenon Flash and smile shutter :)
2> Gesture Control
3> TV out
4> 8GB microsd memory card
5> 3G Phone
6> WiFi
7> 640 x 360 pixels true 16:9 ,3.5 inches widescreen and 16 million colors TFT

I am a sony ericsson fan from the start . I bought K750i and now have Sony Ericsso c510 but will not buy SE Satio soon .Will need some years to buy it .
Talking about its features I like the design of this cell phone .With design the other feature is the large TFT Screen . You can watch movies on it with ease . With 8GB memory card and with the no error sound of sony you can feel the experience of a movie like in theater on it .

With all these advantages any one can have the power of Sony Ericsson's camera with great quality sound.These features are available in this phone due to the shifting of Satio from Sony Ericsson operating system to Symbian 5th edition Operating system.

Symbain is compatible with most of the applications . And for a product like this the symbain OS is best suitable. In addition to this sony has made another change in the storage media. They have used the microsd card insted of the Memory stick . This is strange but considering size and money the decision is perfectly made by the Sony Ericsson Satio team .

12.1 Mega Pixel Satio was announced in May 2009 and will soon come in the market . I can not say any assumptions about the price of this phone Satio ,let the company decide .
So if you are aiming to buy this mobile then wait for sometime and collect more money till that time . As after buying you will not feel anything left in your pocket :D


  1. super macro is interesting with such equipment like the reflection in details of an eye, flower, insect or any object with fine details can be illustrated!

  2. yup !!
    macro function is one of the best features of digital cameras . It gives crispy clear image with extreme details . And with this 12MP camera the macro feature will explode too much .
    I wonder when I take photos with my new SE C510 in macro mode then it feels good to me . But what if I take it with this Satio cell phone :D

  3. This phone will definitely affect the camera world. It is similer to keep a digital camera with you anywhere you go.
    The phone's structure is really appriciable. Cool looking and powerful. :)

  4. 12.1 MP in a mobile phone!!?? Looks like a masterpiece!

  5. What ever, If your 12MP cam dont have Optical zoom then it is of no use. :)

    Then 5MP cam is sufficient, Many of my friends have DSLR, but they never took picks at high resolution. 8MB is maximum for good photography.

    So this is just publicity stunt and show off by SE, the people who know photography will never buy this handset !!. :)

  6. The great thing about having 12.1 MP is that it will allow you to digitally zoom in much further before you see any major degrading of the image quality. It does help make up a little for the lack of optical zoom - a feature which would have made this the ideal phone. I am still purchasing this phone however! Infact I have already paid for mine and I have an import coming soon! :D

  7. interesting to know about macro function features of digital camera