Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman announced

In this up to date world every one is giving its best , and I think Sony Ericson is doing it better than others . Today Sony Ericsson announced the new W395 Walkman™ phone :) The slider phone is a part of new lifestyle.

The best new thing about this cell phone is that this is supposed to be the best and the most affordable slider walkman phone to date .

If we look at the features of this phone then the Powerful built-in stereo speakers with high quality bass has given a extra effect to it . As a walkman it needs much clear bass.

The motion gaming support is same as Wii-esque . This is exciting to see how the motion controls work . But it can never beat Wii :)

The positive points which I noted down for this phone are like , the phone has a long lasting battery life as a walkman phone .As per Sony Ericsson it can run around 12 hrs and 30 min . Means when in flight mode then no need to recharge the battery.

Another thing which I could say is about the camera . The decent camera with 2MP and Picture Fix feature will definitely help to take much good pics .

The negative points are very few . But the first main point is the nonavailability of flash as it is a walkman phone . So you won't be able to shoot in the dark :(
And other thing is that the internal memory is only 10 MB which is very less as compared to other phones .

But if you have a less budget for buying new cell phone then you should try this.
As per the company the prices will be as low as possible . Hope for the least :D LOL :D

I am waiting for Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman phone to be launched in India ASAP :)


  1. Its looks are same as N96 :)
    Do u know approx cost ?

  2. This one the best one compared to my Z550i

  3. I know this is not that least price but this model should cost around 250 Euros means around 320 USD according to today's market.As its earlier version was around 220 Euro