Saturday, February 7, 2009

Panasonic DMC-FT1 Camera

If you are looking for the best camera till now then your search ends here only with the " Panasonic DMC-FT1 Digital Camera " . This unique camera is bundled with lots of features like- Water proof, 12.1 Mega Pixel image,shock proof,dust proof,slim body and elegant design.

Now a days companies launch most of the new digital cameras with different features to show something unique in the product , and the user to buy it . This is what done by Panasonic. They came with the new feature of Water proof digital camera , which is not present in most of the available cameras.

In addition to this feature the camera comes with 12.1 mega pixel of image , but this camera actually has 12.7 MP max . With this much image size and quality you can capture clear image. This model comes with 4.6x optical zoom and the Extra Optical Zoom (EZ) is 5.7x (4:3 / 8M), 7.3x (4:3 / 5M), 9.1x (under 3M).

The power of this camera is not limited to this only ,but you can have High Definition Video recording also. The only thing of which I care is the size of the memory given and to be extended by user .1280x720 is the resolution of the HD video and 9 to 17 Mega bytes per second will be used . 40 MB built-in-memory is not bad for camera , but the restrictions of the size of the memory cards is issue for HD video recording. Except the memory problem everything is at its best .

The display screen is big as it should be .It has 2.7-inch High-resolution Intelligent LCD with Wide-viewing Angle , so don't change your angle of looking to the display screen .

The common features like face detection don't make this different but the waterproof. This feature enables the power for the photographer to take shoots under water upto 3 meters . So it is safe if accidentally your camera gets wet :)
With this it also has protection against dust.There are so many things in this camera , but what I liked the most is 12.1 MP and Waterproof body :)

This is my guess :)
The price is not known but it may cost you around $400 to $450 ( Excluding tax :)


  1. Water proof camera is really superb idea by Panasonic. But i dont think so any one need 12MP camera. What we need is optical zoom. More the megapixels more it will take time to take a pick and more the space. BTW the HD quality image facility is really good in such small camera.
    Lets see when it will be launched in India.
    Again u also noted about the memory, its really very low for such HD camera.

  2. panasonic is the best brand ever....