Monday, November 23, 2009

Search image in Google on basis of color and types

Many of the times you try to get image of some specific kind . Having specific qualities like it's color, image type etc . Keeping this in mind Google has done developed advance search algorithms which actually response to the user queries correctly with proper image .

The image search has been modified and the results must really be appreciable .
To show this I have added some images showing what I am saying .

Search Image with Face type :

The image search is not restricted to color only but you can also search image of particular keyword on the basis of image type . Suppose we search for image with keyword "world" then the images of world are shown in adjacent block . And now the user can select the option like face , clipart or linedrawings etc . Accordingly
the image of face related to world else clipart related with world is shown to user.

Users will definitely be benefited with this search algorithm . As they can choose between different color of the same object . Suppose anybody who wants to buy Porche Carrera GT and has to look it in different shades then this is very much useful .

Really a useful search tool by Google .

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