Monday, November 23, 2009

India and China share their border with Google

Ever observed how your country looks like in Google closely?
Many of you have done this. And those who know about world map might have an approximate structure of India's border in their mind :D but what you have seen up till now is going to change .

What we get on google maps is this

What they(Chinese) get on their side is this

Please look at the top portion of India's border some portion is missing and has been given to China . I think Google don't want to lose its visitors due to the conflict of the shared border between India and China. Google don't want to fall victim of this fight so they have changed original map for China. As they know India is not going to do anything like restricting "Google" but China can .

Share your comments about why Google did this !!


  1. This is really shocking.

    Every one should be made aware of this.

  2. hmmm that good side of indians . if there is favour to do first chooses india than china