Monday, October 26, 2009

Play tricky games to reduce stress -Crypt Raider

Hi everyone !!
I am preapering for my MCA 5th semester exams for that I remain offline these days . But it is hard for me to stay away from my laptop . So I use my laptop for few hours in between my studies .

Yesterday while I was studying :D my brother called me to play a tricky game. And after playing that game for some time my stress was really released . Thank you brother for your method of unknowingly giving advice . That is the reason why I am posting this game for you .

This game is based on finding your way out of the castle rather a Pyramid . An agent gets blocked inside the large Pyramid chambers and we have to guide him towards the escape point. A nice small online game for trick game lovers .
As playing Sometimes it makes you feel better , stress free if you play games but not for long .

This game has 100 stages . I solved first 7 seven stages and it unlocked all other the remaining 100 stages of Crypt Raider from miniclip.And best thing is it is free and no need to register :D .

Games at - Crypt Raider
Crypt Raider

Move the mystical blue balls into the portal to escape the level!

Play this free game now!!

Tell me if you like :D


  1. Try to play it as fast as you can this will surely boost your reflexes :D

  2. thats nice game. But still i always prefer to play NFS MW during exams :D