Thursday, September 3, 2009

Get Free Laptops from broadband expert

Free is like a word which anyone cannot resist. And getting a laptop for free is like a dream coming true . One of my friend stays in UK and he told me about the scheme which braodband connection providers use to drive more customers .

In India you will get a Internet connection free with laptop or a desktop as the prices and the bandwidth is less . But if you live in UK then the things are slightly different. There you get a laptop free with the braodband connection :D And the laptops are of good quality and are branded .

So if you live in UK and you are thinking to buy a laptop then you will surely need a braodband connection . Better you buy the braodband connection first and then you will automatically get a laptop for free .

I found a site which sells braodband connections packages at minimal rates . You can have a look at it here (link inactive)
Wish to get a laptop for free then this is the right place for getting it free . If I were in UK then I could have bought the internet connection . You can get Big companies like Virgin,T-Mobile,Vodafone, O2 ,3 and Orange here . And every one is providing different laptops of different specifications .

So buy it from the expert - which is noting but " broadband expert " .
You can have a look at the packages provided by them which are sorted with user ratings .

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  1. there is no such thing as free lap-top since the price of the lap-top is allready included in the monthly installments paid as broadband charges! between £20 - £35 a month for a period of 2 to 3 years! save and pay cash and save even more/ghadello