Friday, September 4, 2009

Free new gifts on old Sony Ericsson c510

Yup this is true if you have bought Sony Ericson C510 then you could get free gifts from Sony Ericsson itself .

Today I was searching free software for my Sony Ericsson C510 Cybershot phone . So I visited a community on orkut which is dedicated for Sony Ericson C510 cell phone . While searching a lot suddenly I found a topic " Get free gifts for your c510 " . I checked that topic as the Keyword free was in there and that is why I am putting it here :D

After registering you can get the thing of your choice* with a photo printed on it .

What I was searching for and what I got :D . The main thing is that if your mobile is 1 or 2 months old then your IMEI might have been verified by Sony Ericsson .Then only you are eligible for this offer . Otherwise it will show IMEI as invalid and the only solution for it is to wait for some more time . I don't know whether this offer will end soon or not but it is better if you do it as early as possible.

You can also get either a mug,T-Shirt,Magnetic Calender or a Mouse Pad from here .
I ordered a Mug with my family pic on it as any of my family member can use that mug :D

These are the exact words in the mail send by Sony Ericsson team to me after I registered my phone for redeem gift .

" Dear Ashish Sharad Kalmegh,

Thanks for participating in the C510 promotion. You have opted for Mug and have submitted your picture with us. In case of any issues we shall get back to you. Looking forward to dispatch your gift within 21 days.


Sony Ericsson "

The steps which you will require for getting the free gifts are as fallows .

1> Go to this link

2> Click on Redeem your gift button on that page .

3> It will ask for your Sony Ericsson c510 IMIE number at the bottom of the page in a text window .

To get IMIE number of your cell phone you need to type *#06# on your mobile while you see the main screen .

4> Enter your Location and personal details .

5> Check your email account which you have entered in personal details .

6> Wait for 21 days :D ( Depending on the conditions you can get it after 21 days for sure )

So do it and get a free gift from your favorite cell phone manufacturer .

I assure you that I will upload the photos of my the mug but after 21 days ( from the date of the post )

Better you fallow the procedure and get a mug/mousepad/T-shirt or Magnetic calender for free .


  1. erm...question the free gift valid for all country?

  2. yes !!

    As it is hosted on a .com domain I can say that this offer is valid for all the countries .
    After entering the IMEI number you are requested by SE site to enter your location details .

  3. As in the post I assured you I will post my mugs pic on this post . But as I didn't get that mug till now so waiting for my gift .I think I will have to report this to SE team .

  4. The only support system provided by them is the Track your gift - By entering IMEI number of your phone again .
    If you have any other way please share here

  5. Hi Everybody,I'd applied for free t-shirt on 20 Aug 2009 and got the assurance of my gift to be deliverd in 21 days but even after 90 days, no t-shirt, no response from Sony Ericsson. Today wrote to SUPPORT on their website,lets see if gets any reply..

    If Anyone got their free gift,plz tell me.

  6. after waiting for months Sony Ericsson team didn't send me any gift :( sorry folks keep trying

  7. Erm, maybe you didn't read the T & C..


    * To participate in the Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (India) Private Limited promotion (the “promotion”), the respondents are required to purchase the phone C510 and fill in their details including IMEI No. on the Sony Ericsson website –
    * The Contest is valid from 16th June 2009 to 31st July 2009 (both dates inclusive).
    * The contest is only valid on purchase of phone model C510 during the contest period mentioned above
    * Incomplete or incorrect entries will not be accepted
    * This offer is not redeemable for cash.
    * The decision of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (India) Private Limited shall be final and binding on all matters related to this promotion.
    * Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (India) Private limited will not be responsible for any damage to the free merchandise (gifts) caused during transit.
    * Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (India) Private Limited shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by usage of the merchandise (gifts)
    * Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (India) Private Limited shall not be liable for any damages, faults, defects or failure arising out or due to of Acts of God, Governmental actions, other force majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation/damage or otherwise for any such loss, whatsoever.
    * Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (India) Private Limited reserves the right to modify any/or terms of this offer or extend or foreclose the offer at its sole and absolute discretion.
    * Any and all disputes arising out of or with respect to this Contest shall be subject to the Arbitration under the Authorized Personal of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (India) Private Limited
    * The relevant courts for any arbitration would be New Delhi Courts.

  8. The C510 has Cyber-shot feature phone from sony ericsson. its extra features like blogging, auto focus, LED flash and face detection. The camera can shoot at up to 3.2 MP, and can record video at 30 fps and in QVGA format. The phone has the ability to work as a modem with good 3G signal like broadband speeds. It supports memory card up to 8GB capacity.