Thursday, August 6, 2009

Recharge the Non- Rechargeable batteries > By Efficiency Matrix

In our new advanced life we use many electronic stuffs like radio , cameras remote controllers every thing which needs batteries to work . These batteries are generally AA or AAA batteries which give 1.5 v voltage and their backup is dependent on the type of electronic device in which it is placed . We have Non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries for use but we use rechargeable batteries more as they can be used again and again for many number of times . But what if we have scarcity of the rechargeable cells ?


This problems solution is solved by the Company named

Efficiency Matrix .
They have created a battery charger ( cell charger ) which is able to charge the used non-rechargeable batteries and those can be used for 4 Hours approx. ( depending upon the device )


And this can be done about 20 times with same battery.
Better you calculate how much power you can get with these non-rechargeable batteries .

I would like to buy this device as it will cost around 50 to 60 $ approx .

You will get more information of this product if you really want to buy this then Google it :D


  1. Yup it is costly but the feature of recharging the used batteries is unique for a battery recharger .

    Our normal recharger will not recharge the dried non-rechargeable batteries if you try it .

    But this does that is the only reason why it is costly .
    According to me it is worth that cost :D

  2. so much the better, to reuse batteries...