Monday, August 17, 2009

Deal Extreme - The Spidy Keychain

I was doing my important work of exploring the web and suddenly I found a spidy keychain !!

Spiderman is one of the most favorite idol for any kid or a grownup too .
This key-chain is not a normal key-chain you can watch this spidy fly :D

Watch this video .

I know you will definitely like this small toy :D It is for 2.5 USD its worth .
The spidy is attached to a retractable string . You can pull the spidy and then release it . And while returning to the original state the spidy looks as if it is flying or climbing on its web :D It vibrates while it retaining original state by moving its hands and legs up and down . A cute spiderman toy .

Buy it ?

Fallowing are some of the pics of this cute little spidy :D

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