Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Google Page Rank updated again

Yes Google has again updated its PR . I got my blogs Page Rank updated to 2 . A month ago it was PR 1 . Thank you all the visitors and readers of my blog . I am blogging from more than year and in this season Google has updated its PR at least 5-6 times . I remember when my blog was a new one then after its 1 month Google updated PR. And at that time I got PR 0 :D

And the next update was performed after 5 months . Everyone was aware that Google updates its PR after 5 to 6 months . But now the things are not the same and Google is updating its PR after every month. Don't know the reason why but its good for the bloggers like me .

The post which gave me PR 2 is the Dino Game Pad

But as a coin has two sides this update also has few benefits and few drawbacks.
You all are aware of the benefits of Page Rank and its update . You get high PR according to the visitors and back links etc . You can sell links and other stuff which will benefit you in earning few more bucks from the blog .

But due to high link sales your Page Rank can fall down again . And as Google is doing it monthly so it is not good for those who have planned to go out for vacations . As a month can affect the Page Rank not badly but could affect upto some level . This is not a fact it is my opinion might be wrong but I believe it is true.

I don't know why Google is updating the Page Rank at every month end . But at this stage I can say that this update is good for me . But when I will again join my college after vacations I may loose what I have now .

Check your Page Rank NOW otherwise Google may again update it :D LoL
Most of you will not believe on what I am talking . But if you recall the launch of bing then bing got PR2 after May 2009 PR update . But if you check it now then the PR of bing is 9 !!
Yes Bing's PR is 9 .

So check it now or later in next month . I can guess the next PR update now and it might me 24th July 2009 .

If you want to know more about the Google Page Rank then ask Wikipedia .


  1. thank you kindly for your very interesting publications and good luck with your studies & exams/ghadello