Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My New Nokia N73 Music Edition-N73 ME

Hello friends!!

I bought new Nokia N73 Music Edition . This mobile has many features in it .
The feature which I like the most is 3.2 MP camera and the lens is Carl Zeiss with 4X optical zoom .Can give prints up to 10" x 8".
That is why the picture quality is fine and more than sufficient. The LED flash works according to the intensity of light so no need to worry about the battery in the daylight.

The well balanced features of the Symbian OS 9.1, S60 3rd edition many application work on this mobile .Java applications are also supported .

The important aspect on which it if modified from N73 to N73 ME is Music. It has a good headset with the help of it you can have access to the radio too . But I stress on 3.2 MP camera more and 2GB expandable memory :) The memory card was bundled with 100+ orignal songs for free . With the help of a activation sms only .

The display is 240x320 with 256k colors which gives real view of images . The photos are saved in JPEG format, and video is saved in MPEG-4 format .

I found this mobile a great stuff .Before buying I searched a lot for its information ...
And after that only I bought it .

Other features of this phone are ...

Dual CPU ARM9 220 MHz so has nice speed and n-gage is going to be compatible with this mobile . You can check the current status of this mobile here " ".

As it is a smartphone so has new generation features like EDGE,GPRS and some other features in 3G mobile phone .

The only drawback of all these features is the less battery life . It can run for 4.5 hrs while in use. In standby mode it runs for 370 hr .

Overall this mobile is the best mobile in the range for 250 to 270USD (Rates can vary for different countries :)

Now it's my time to explore this phone ....

Take care :)


  1. Nokia N73 is currently best available handset for that range. It has almost all best features which are not available in its competitor handsets.

    BTW, Its great to see Nokia handset with SE fan :)

  2. So you are on Nokia. Welcome to Symbian world !!

  3. @Chetan :
    Yes buddy I searched a lot for its features and then bought it :) The features are its positive points ....

    I am a Sony Ericsson fan, but I never said I don't like Nokia :P LoL

    @Abhishek :
    Thanks for your support ...
    I have used Symbian before with Nokia 3230.
    But this version of symbian is 3rd so this is next level for me :)
    @Chetan and Abhishek : We have N72,N73 ME and N82 ....
    Thats really great :)

  4. good colr and picture looks alive and fresh, was hoping to get one of these one day

  5. @ Our Home Remedies:
    I know you can get real images but it is very rare.....

  6. And images were taken from my Sony Ericsson K750i Mobile ....
    Whose 2 MP pic awesome :)