Saturday, November 29, 2008

Announcment of Mobilehood Launch

Hello Friends!!

I fond a new site which is Mobilhood. The new, hippest mobile community around is excited to announce its launch and to kick things off in a fun, interactive manner, they have a iPod Touch Contest for promotion .

From the official release:

Mobilhood is a community where users can download free ringtones, wallpapers, videotones and screensavers for their mobile phones, or create and upload their own “mobile fashion” to share.They have a forum where you can share your ideas and ask problems related to mobile to your friends.

Mobilhood prides itself on giving rewards for high quality user generated content. Users with the most activity and best ratings win prizes. Each action that users take within the community (uploading wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones and videotones; inviting friends; having other people download your stuff; rating other people’s creations; playing games; etc.) earns users Virtual Coins (VCs), which can be traded in for cool prizes. Mobilhood also serves as a social network where users can become friends with one another and connect via internal mail, comments and ratings.

You could be the winner of their contest ....

And you could win

Aside from the usual prizes and to celebrate our launch, they will be giving away a free iPod touch each week to those talented designers whose content get the most attention from other users. All artists, designers, animators, musicians and everyone else are invited to join the competition.

Mobilhood will be giving away iPods to those users that upload the mobile content that gets the most votes for that week. All users have to do is upload their masterpieces to the sitesection and ask people to vote for them. Any designers who think they have great designs for mobile wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones or video tones can participate and get the chance to walk away with a brand new iPod Touch.

In addition to the iPod Touch, the winners will receive the respect they deserve, as well as international fame! Weekly winners will be posted on all of the Mobilhood contest banners for the whole world to see their face, their name and their supernatural artistic abilities!

Since Mobilhood is all about users sharing and downloading mobile content for free, the iPod Touch contest will bring in an even larger variety of creative and original free mobile downloads for our users. There’ll be talent coming out our ears and you won’t want to miss it!

Got a cute animation to share? A cool picture or design? A jingle you wrote? Users will be uploading all kinds of great content and their artistic talent will be highly acclaimed and rewarded.
Could your artistic talent for mobile content win you an iPod touch?

If you want you can share your ideas and your creations here and get rewarded for this .

Thank you !!!
Take care :)

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