Thursday, November 20, 2008

Your personal supercomputer

Hello friends !!! :)
I just found this news about personal supercomputer. These PSC ( Personal Supercomputer) is 250 times faster than the ordinary PCs.

US technology firm NVIDIA rolled out the high-performance personal supercomputers

that let desktop workstations handle mind-boggling tasks one far beyond their capabilities.

This is because GPUs work on different tasks simultaneously unlike the linear method in CPUs. Like getting color pixels together on the screen to present moving images.

Computers build with innovative NVIDIA graphics processing units(GPUs) are capable of handling calculations typically relegated to expensive supercomputing " Calculus Computers" a technology breakthrough the company says could soon bring lightning speeds to the next generation of computers aimed at the consumer market :)

NVIDIA's Tesla Personal Supercomputers deliver approximately 250 times the processing power of current computer workstations for similar price .

Some of the Institutes , Universities and research organizations are already using GPU-based personal supercomputers.

Some of the facts and application of GPU based supercomputers :-

1> GPU-based systems enable user to run real life science codes in minutes rather than the hours it took earlier .

2> This exceptional speedup has the ability to accelerate the discovery of potentially life-saving anti-cancer drugs.

3> GPUs can do parallel computing mathematics at lightning speeds were engineered by NVIDIA to make Telsa chips that put desktop workstations on par with supercomputers at 1/100 th of the price.

Finally It is not just a game chip :P


  1. Do you have any idea about the system specification ?
    BTW, this is nice that nVidia is now turning into super computing.

  2. Here are some specifications for this range of supercomputer .

    4 GPU Configuration with 3 NVIDIA® Tesla™ C1060 Computing Processors and 1 NVIDIA® Quadro® GPU.

    Quad-Core AMD Phenom™ Processor :)
    And Up to 16GB System Memory

    Windows or Linux Operating Systems


    Are you satisfied with this answer ?