Monday, November 24, 2008

UV Sunglass + MP3 Player (2GB) =Awesome

Hello friends !!
Once again I came with a new gadget which is hard to resist. I wish I could have that much money to buy this

Just by looking at this glasses anyone can guess that it is a audio player too :P
So this is the best choice to buy for music lover .And for those who travel more often.

This has no bounds means you can carry it anywhere . While you travel, or love to listen to music while cycling or on the beach taking sunbath this could be your best gadget-buddy :) I am planning to buy this but will have to wait for few months as my account is out of money :( ...

The basic features provided in this player cum sunglasses are it has fashionable design,UV protection,Removable eyeglasses,Three buttons control (play/stop/next)

With the current price of $20.71 (Including Shipping etc) this is a great deal .As the UV sunglasses and the mp3 player gives a decent sound quality. And 2GB of memory space is satisfactory for a mp3 player .The limit should be increased later .

Finally what I want to say is stick with the new gadgets .At least try them as they are cheap .

It you want to buy this then click here
UV Sunglasses cum Mp3 player

Take care :)

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