Tuesday, November 11, 2008

iPod nano- Apple

Hello friends !!!

Do you know what is iPod nano...if not then let me tell you :)
iPod nano is like a everyone's dream music player ... It has everything in it .
It can play audio,video files as well . If you are concerned about the size of the player to carry. Then you will be definitely satisfied with nano. As it is very thin but good in grip and 8-16 GB capacity .

Apple has given some different features to this device. The presentation level of this phone should be given 10/10 rating.

With a new Genius music player you don't need to add song manually in a play list ...you just need to press the given button while in that mode and it creates the list for you.

Like i-phone, iPod has used built-in accelerometer in nano too. I like this function as you can have the horizontal view of the video or image whenever you turn the phone around.It gives a wide screen effect to the display and the video looks great.

I think Apple should have given the name " Apple Shake " :)to nano .You must be wondering why I am saying this????
The reason is "
"While in the play mode whenever you shake nano the song gets changed" ....
Great na ...Means you don't need to look at nano or press the thumb on the keypad for changing the song .Just shake it and you will get the sweet apple juice :)
kidding ....other song .

Finally I can say this is the right choice for a audio video player to buy .
So if you want to purchase iPod nano then you will need to empty your pocket by around $149 ( Excluding shipping ).

You can get the exact specifications of iPod nano here here .....

Click : iPod nano- Apple

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