Sunday, October 26, 2008

Surface Computer

Ladies and gentleman.... Presenting the newest technology "The Surface computing". This is a new type of computer from Microsoft which is going to replace the "regular one " after few years .Many of you might already be knowing this one . But this technology is revolutionary in the field of computers. As a great scientist said that "necessity is the mother of inventions " this is also on of them. But many of us would call it as slight modification to the previous. Yes this is true...

As this surface computer is build of the common stuffs which we see daily.Just have a look at its working.

Slide 9When you look at this computer it just look like a coffe table . I think this concept is taken from it.
Its surface is a multi-touch screen . The inside of it contains 5 infrared cameras which always keeps the track of whatever movement takes place on the surface and act according to that. Like a finger is mouse pointer for it but a credit card is credit card :) Remaining things are the same as of the desktop computer but it need high capacity RAM. And has Windows Vista in it.

Slide 11The commercial version of this computer can have many options for the buyers. Like for a Starwood Hotels which has purchased this has the feature like above . The user just need to select the order and pay it via his credit card by placing it over the screen.

Many big mobile stores are using this computer to compare different mobile models . Just by placing any two mobile on the screnn the computer automatically displayas all the specification.

Its OS has given a good support to set remainders according to the locations. Maps would look great on this machine.

If we think about the music it feels good to select your type of music with your finger tips :) .
Just drag and drop it into the player with your finger. It has a good interaction with the multimedia devices like the digital camera and cell phones etc. The normal way of sending files has been made differnt here.All the things are like drag and drop.

So on a final note the Surface computer is good one step ahed by Microsoft . And I liked this computer as it is easy to handle and attractive . But the only problem is that it is wort $5000 to $10000. I can't buy this at this time . Lets hope for the best .

If you need more information then email me and I will provide you with more containt.
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