Friday, May 18, 2012

how is htc wildfire s? An Android phone


I am using htc wildfire S from last 10 months and now I consider myself well equipped with its experience. So  I am sharing with you as it may help you in taking decision.

The brand name is enough to attract your attention when you start your search of buying a Android phone.
The things which I wanted in my phone before buying this were all fulfilled but the memory.

Lets go into its details,
(All from my perspective)

Operating system : android 2.3 gingerbread earlier it came with 2.2 but now its updated to 2.3 and now waiting to taste ice-cream sandwich i.e. Android 4.0 (yet not listed ):D

Body : This phone has good outer body which is tough.Many times I have dropped my phone on floor mistakenly and once purposely to check its body build and it is still working fine as it was new.It comes in two color dark gray and white. Dark one is better.

Display: htc wildfire has good quality display bundled in it. Even the screen is of gorilla glass so you dont need to bother about scratches but do not totally rely on it.
TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors are enough for you to view videos and play games smoothly.

Memory: Memory is the star point if we talk about a phone and this phone lags in this basic user requirement. Htc could have given more memory to its users but even if they say they are giving 512MB internal memory with 512MB RAM its of no use. As after installing 10 apps on it you get internal memory low warning msg . They could have given some odd figure memory for this device as its cost was factor but memory only makes this mobile go into thrash.

It has preinstalled applications and they take around 137MB internal memory and system itself uses around 245.Approximately you get 130 MB memory which is you have to manage with compulsorily installed google apps which are required and have to mange in leftover.Finally after installing 5-6 apps you get warnings of low internal memory.

Solution is to move apps as you install it from internal memory to memory card and clear unused data in other routine apps.Right now this is the only solution for this device even the company doesn't seems to make new customers so those who have bought this use this trick others buy other phone XOXO

Battery: I don't consider battery as an important issue as its up to you how to last it long.So dont want to talk about battery it is upon your usage how many apps you keep active and blah blah blah... Only i can say is I use battery wisely.

Music: Music with htc's headphone is best at this cost. You take any software its headphones add an advantage to music.Full volume is best with this headphone : ) I love its music

Camera: Camera quality is fine. Use default settings and enjoy its camera with 5MP crisp images you will surely like the features provided like smile shutter, self portrait and ISO image settings.
It has only one camera so you don't need to install skype and wait like dumb to get a video call:P

Video can be recorded with fine quality 5 points for this out of 5 :D

HTC Sense:  For me there was no sense of adding htc sense in this device as the android os itself has its own sense techniques. htc is asking us to pay more for their sense technology so as others like samsung android phones.

Rating given by me is 3.5/5.
And I prefer you to buy other phone as its lags in memory which is most important part of this phone.
So you can add few amount into your budget if you don't want to compromise with memory and unusual hang ups.

Thank you.

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