Friday, July 30, 2010

Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7

Yesterday I searched for windows movie maker in Windows 7 but didn't get it. And after getting this from Microsoft itself I thought of sharing it with others.For those who haven't used it - Windows movie maker is a software which can be used for recording videos from web cam or other video capturing devices on computer.

It's other features are
2. Editing video with video effects.
3. Vast number for supported video format.
4. Adding credits to video ( like a movie).
5. video can be split up into parts or number of videos can be joined together as well.

Unlike earlier versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems , Windows 7 comes without windows movie maker . So Windows 7 users can download new version of Windows movie maker which can be operated upon Windows 7 and Windows Vista as well. Windows XP version will not work on windows 7.

Download Windows Movie Maker 2.6 from here.

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  1. Thers another version of Moviw Maker for 7..N yes XP version runs on 7 as well..