Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Buy Tickets of ICC World Cup 2011

Hi !!

This post is for cricket lovers and enthusiasts. IPL was a relief for cricket lovers this year but another big event is gearing up shortly. As we know in year 2011 we have world cup. The official announcement of ICC World Cup 2011 match tickets was made on 6/1/2010 by Chairman of BCCI with ICC officials.I know I am a bit late to post it here on my blog but didn't get time to post these days ( I am not busy though).

I am from Nagpur so I searched for available tickets of India vs South-Africa match on online purchase and what it showed to me was a disaster to me. All tickets for all stands were sold out :(. I am hoping VCA must have quota for Nagpur people. I will have to try my luck there then.

Good news is tickets for semifinals and finals are yet to be sold as they haven't published it on their site. So you will have to check their site regularly.(They may publish semifinals dates after deciding the venue)

To book your tickets fallow this link.

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