Sunday, May 16, 2010

Airtel Internet 98INR offer

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I have one good news for Airtel cellular service users and those who like to spend most of their time on social networking sites,mailing etc like orkut,gmail, twitter.

Airtel has introduced new internet plan its Airtel GPRS Rs 98 /- plan .
This plan includes 2GB internet surfing that means you can have 2048 MB total download.You can buy this from your nearest Airtel store or customer care.But for 2 months its free.

To tell you reason behind this launch is that as DOCOMO has introduced it's new plan of total 12 GB/year Internet on Rs 94/- topup which includes 1GB/Month with free calls. And in current scenario most customers have DOCOMO and Airtel connections. So to save Airtel's new plan it has launched its same 2GB plan as an introductory offer so that at least for 2 months Airtel users should stick to Airtel.And after its users get used to it they will have to buy Rs 98/- internet 1 month plan .

To get this free plan
SEND SMS "DATA" TO "543210"

This plan will get activated after 24 Hrs . But don't directly open browser or surf as in your phone your internet settings might be different . So first request Airtel customer care for Mobile Office settings and then install those. After that only you will be able to surf with that free 2GB plan otherwise is Airtel live is used as internet settings you may loose your account balance.

With maximum surfing speed upto 25Kbps you can download big files too but this is possible only by connecting phone to computer using data cable and good network reception. Use this internet via mobile phone with the help of your phone's PC suit application.(I have downloaded videos from Youtube with around 30Kbps speed)

On mobile phone the surfing speed can vary depending upon network coverage and network traffic same as for PC but you may observe much speed in pc than in phone.
At night hrs speed increases .

The only drawback on mobile phones as modem is that if you accidentally interrupt the connection or data cable you might disconnect connection and will have to refresh the page you are surfing or restart the download after reconnecting the phone to computer. On mobile phone you may completely lose your downloaded file if network failure occurs. So its better to download files on computer not on cell phone as you can resume the download even after the connection is lost using download managers like IDM.

The only precaution you should always have that check usage before you surf using *123*7#
Otherwise if you have completely used your 2GB package then you will be charged 30 Paisa per MB.

Which browser to use on cell phone ?

The only browser which is more efficient is Opera mini. The reasons behind this are
1>Surf the Web on a mobile phone as easily as on a desktop computer. Whichever phone you have.

2>Save money on mobile data plans by taking advantage of Opera’s compression technology to reduce data costs by up to 90%.

Download Opera browser from here
If any queries or if you have more details do share with us.

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