Friday, December 11, 2009

What to do with e-junk ?

In this computer world every object related to computer filed has life . I am talking about the time duration for existence of the thing . Like CD,Floppy,HDD,Mouse,Keyboard each and every part of this machine has life. And when any of the part fails to do its job well we human throw it in garbage. Why should we keep it as it is of no use to us.

But if you are a environment lover then you have opportunity to save environment then you can use that junk in creative way .I had done some of the compact disk's and floppies to create new a clock and a pen box :D

Some of the creations from all around the world are ..

This Compact Disk Wall Clock was created by me

If you have good imagination then you too can create life from dead . So store e-junk and use it in good cause. Like I did.

Thanks :D

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