Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Programming made easy with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Few decades back a programmer was considered to be extremely talented person who was able to imagine and implement impossible ideas possible with his programming skills.No doubt the time they took was no where near in comparison with today's programmer as they worked on lowest level of programming and without any GUI. But now after evolution of different languages and their IDE's anyone can program with basic knowledge of the programming language.Why this is happening is only because of the GUI and helping IDE. Programmers life is made more easier and more applications can be made with ease and in less time .

To achieve this goal you all know Microsoft developed Visual Studio where programmer can get may languages including 3rd party languages also. And after testing,debugging and by adding new components what we have now is Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 . Unfortunately currently we have beta version of it. Still it is very useful.

I am interested in Web application so I started a new web project in this new IDE.
And after using I understood how this version is different from other previous versions.

Have look at new IDE its really different from the traditional ones ,
(*please click on the images to enlarge)

One important thing which I found in this newly built application was " The page was similar to wordpress newly built page " .
In Wordpress when you create a page or start new blog they provide you with the default options on the page like Meta Login, Menu with Home page button and About page button. And I think that Microsoft has copied this idea from Wordpress :D
This is history of Microsoft that it copies or buys codes and ideas from other companies. All is fare in current scenario as companies need less coding . And this won't bother programmer as their life is made more easy by Microsoft.

So wait for fully stable version of Visual Studio 2010 :D Till then keep testing Beta 2
(For Downloading Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 click here)Report me if link is dead.

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