Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get ready as 4G network is coming...

Network is growing day by day.
Growth is good but not always.If we go for every new technology then soon the time will come when most consumers will get bored of new technologies and only few will buy it.

In India we are yet to get full 3G network and what news I got today is 4G network is going to be released but not in India. It is going to be released in Sweden and Norway.

The mobile user of Sweden and Norway may get 4G (fourth-generation) mobile network in new year 2010.

Mobile phone firm TeliaSonera has completed work on two 4G networks in Oslo and Stockholm and soon will release it @ 2010.

But the sad part is that today's technology do not have handsets which support 4G networks.So this network is only going to be used by Laptop users who have 4G USB dongle(Samsung) in coming year.But companies like Apple, Ericsson etc are working on it.

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the technology which they have kept in mind while implementing this 4G network.The technology has been designed to overlay existing 3G networks and most operators have committed to upgrading to the faster system asap.

This will surely improve the network speed and enhance the streaming of videos as well as playing games online will not be hectic task.

One of the key point of 4G network is the speed which it is going to provide.And it will be more than 100 MB for mobile phone.

I am looking forward to get 4G dongle if India's network providers get it. I can predict that it shall come to India at the end of 2010.


  1. By the time we, India, get 100%, 3G coverage we may get 5G. So better we focus on 3G now and then 5G :)

  2. you are right .
    the BSNL plan which I use today gives me maximum speed of about 48 Kilobytes/sec and I pay 750 INR for this unlimited download service .
    As the problem is that BSNL do not have advanced plan than this.
    If compared with other plans of operators like Airtel,Relience and Tata , BSNL is better .

  3. if U can see the furthest star & send man on moon than 3g 'I think' covers most of India... 4g most probably covers the amazon! ghadello

  4. It seems like great technology that will benefit people. I can't wait for it to come out!

  5. Still there is no 3G in India. And 4G has already come. Very much lagging behind :-(