Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How Transformer Bumblebee can talk ?

Hi there !!

You must be knowing Bumblebee - One of the characters of the movie Transformers . Often the underdog, Bumblebee is known as the younger brother type of character among the Autobots.

His vocal processor was damaged in battle, thus rendering him a mute throughout most of the movie. But, by the end of the movie, his voice had returned and he chose to stay on Earth with Sam. He was voiced by Mark Ryan for the two lines which he spoke.

But the time when his vocal processor was damaged he still managed to speak . He actually speak with the help of satellite radio . I was amazed with the creativity of the director's mind .

I have written this post because I found one site which speaks like Bumblebee . It don't take its voice via satellite radio but through its database .

They do it like -
1> Request user to write some text in the box .
2> User submits the text
3> The text is then processed and fragmented into parts .
4> Each part is then linked with its appropriate media .
5> The complete collection of media is then joined and sent back to the users terminal in form of a song .

This thing is really awesome .

To hear Bumblebee talking click on this link



  1. Nice tool, i have seen this tool in u r HOME itself :p ... hahahahaaa

  2. nice work of research on bumblebee's voice
    can you give the sites address to create such voice :)

  3. Thanks :D
    I have already given the link in the post