Thursday, August 20, 2009

Samsung Marine B2100 - Water Proof & Dust Resistance

Samsung has released its new cell phone in the market and it is Samsung Marine B2100.
I suppose you might have seen its commercial on television and what they have shown in it is true up-to some extent .

The company said that the mobile has abilities like it is resistant to dust , water and pressure. With these extraordinary qualities this mobile comes with the basic features like 1.3 Mega Pixel camera , FM radio , Internet , MP3 Player , good battery life and can have memory upto 8GB .

Check what Samsung Marine B2100 can do !!

Some good points about this mobile are .
# Rated to withstand blowing rain, dust, shock, salt fog, humidity,water,
immersion, solar radiation, vibration, and extreme temperature

# Slimmest submersible phone

# Comfortable grip and portable size

# Extremely loud external speakers

# Talk Time : Up to 9.5hr

# Can have memory upto 8gb

# Incandescent embedded flashlight

Few bad points are :
# Submersible up to 1 meter for only 30 min ( Recommended not to intentionally perfomr the water resistance tests :D )

# With time the mobile could loose its water resistance .

# It is shown that the mobile is shock proof but not completely ,it depends on the height .

# Protected against limited amount of dust and sand if kept more than 7 days then you may loose your mobile d:)

# I don't know about its price :( ( But I will tell you when I get it )

So if you are planing to buy a cell phone for less price and you have the extraordinary quality carelessness :D then you must buy this cell phone . As this mobile is only for you.

You can use this mobile as you like . Shake it throw it submerse it but keep in mind that it is yours .

(I will update this post for price of this cell phone in USD and euro )

:D Take care

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