Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mario Game on India's Got talent Show

Like other countries in my country many people watch Television programs. I am a TV freak too . I like many serials on different channels but what I like the most is the India's Got Talent show. And this video which I have added is a extreme piece of India's Talent . I was amazed by the creation of this complete act .
You better watch this video where Mario plays his natural game and tries to free the Princess from the Dragons imprisonment .

So how was that ?
Excellent ha !!

Yup the way the act was organized and executed was excellent . I think this may not be the only act in the world but this is quiet a stunning performance from the Indian artists .

They made it look easy but this was not enough for the judges ( was not up to their expectations )and they disqualified them :( (This shows judges must have not played Mario in their life !! Jerk )

But for a gamer like me this act was awesome !!

I hope you may like their act .
Give your comments and reviews , thanks :D


  1. Hello bro, I am unable to view the video. Can you post the link for the video?

  2. d show is fixed! judges r puppets...det do watever d channel ppl ask them to...disqualified is a wrong term....kicked out sounds appropriate!

  3. @Bhupali
    You are trying to access Youtube from the office where it is actually banned !!

  4. Yeah I have seen this one on TV... greatly performed!

  5. What a great concept! I love the execution too. It's too bad the judges didn't like it. They should take their act to the U.S. I'm sure it would take off :)

  6. nice blog

  7. Actually they were selected from the thousands of contestants but in the semifinals they were thrown out .

    I wonder how they will get talent from India if they keep doing this !!!