Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Google - Hyderabad affected by Swine Flu

Yet another news from the corners of the world which I want to share is about swine flu.

Last day i.e. on 14th July 09 an swine flu virus entered into Google premises.
Yes this is true and not a rumor. An employee of Google Hyderabad, India was found positive with the swine flu virus . After the medical test it was identified that the employee was always in contact with the delegates for business and support . And he was unaware about he had swine flu and he is carrying the H1N1 virus . When the employee was found with the virus Google carried out checkup for its employees . But no reports were given of that medical tests of hundreds of employees. In the mean time Google Hyderabad shut down its workplace for two days.

We can expect the medicals test should be normal and no employee should became victim of Swine flu as it will be hazardous to other people in the surrounding.

The government is doing the prevention of Swine flu in its own way . It has appointed specialized doctors on various International Airports around the country for identifying H1N1 positive people. But it is hard task as it is like searching a pin in large stack of hay .Their procedure for the identification might be not efficient that is why cases are still growing in India . Mostly swine flu is the case where the virus carrier himself is unaware of the fact that he is a swine flu virus carrier .

So Google has done the right thing by shutting the branch down for 2 days . Hopefully the tests should be normal and Google will get its pace back again.


  1. This very dangerous..Due H1N1 is spread around the world. Regarding the Google staff infected. Hope not spread online..:) LOL...

  2. if this flu spreads online then the users on twitter else i should say google will be most affected as google has PR10 and most visitors on internet use google ...

    Twitter user will be 2nd on this list then

  3. Now this is becoming serious issue across the potential parts of India also .
    As more than 200 cases are identified as positive for swine flu .
    The H1N1 virus don't need any other medium to spread other than human body !!

    So No need to fear from animals specially pigs but be afraid of other human :D !!