Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to make more money with a blog ?

In this post I am going to tell you how to make more money with your blog .
This is a additional income source which is safe for Adsense . So are you interested in earning some more money ?
This could be the income source for those who are banned from Adsense .

So I am considering you that you are with me . Now I can tell you the procedure .
So this is about the company Credit Burner which pays you 2.5 USD for displaying their ads . It all depends upon the quality traffic you have on your site . If you direct more traffic which are human visitors . But if you go with some improper source like buying traffic for cheap price then they will pay you less as they need unique and non-bot visitors . More the visitors on the site more the income . 2.5 USD for 1000 Unique Visitors .

For those who have more the traffic from US, UK like countries then you have more opportunities to earn more . The ads which are shown are for all ages .

Few benefits of joining this program are as fallows .

# You will get a 0.35$ bonus for registering account .
# Pays 2 times in a month with minimum 2.5$ .
# Variety of ads like banners ,links ads , context ads ,interstitial ads etc .
# No restrictions on the location of the publisher .
# Referral commission is up to 14%
# Paypal account required to get your money .

As I have told you have options like banner , link and other ad types . But the most effective is the cpm banner ad .

If you place the ad of this type then the users will get the animated ad which are more appealing . Cpm banner is safe , other ad codes redirect the traffic so please fallow my advice .

Things To Remember

Few Advantages :
# 2.5$ for 1000 UV
# 2 payments in a month .
# Income is directly proportional to the visitors .

Few Disadvantages :
# Most of the ad types redirect your user to the product site.
# Time for loading the site will be increased as the animated ad gets loaded on the terminal .
# Not more beneficial for non-US traffic .

I have used this service for more than a year . Was happy with that but due to less visitors the income was less for me . So for me it was best to remove the Credit Burner ad code .

But you can try it if you have more traffic . So register here first . For registration you will need your name , paypal id , and email id for further procedure.

Register your account here -> Credit Burner


  1. Brooooooo Nice Information Thanks

  2. $2.5 for 1000 UV ... isn't it too low ?
    Kontera or Adbrite wud give much better then this.

  3. I agree with you my friend but this is a remedy for those who have lost their adsense accounts .

  4. i liked ur blog especially the design is suitable with well mannered. any tips on optimizing blogspot blogs ? like permalinks or any other suggestions for ur blog readers