Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Game Console News: Gift Chooser and PSP Radio

There are only ten days until Christmas and people are getting antsy. Everyone’s shopping for gifts and many are going ’round the bend trying to look for that perfect something they’re giving their loved ones this season. If you have a gamer in your family and you know nothing about it, then rejoice because Game.co.uk just came up with the highly ingenious ‘gift selector.’ You just need to input the age category, some more specifics and them BAM BAM BAM. You just lay back, relax, and wait for the gift selector to do its thing.

The gift selector could give you suggestions for both games and game consoles so if you have the cash, then your problem’s just been solved. You’re saving major headache by using this baby. And since you’re going to get your loved one gaming apparels, there’s no need to worry about the gift being impersonal as you’re not exactly the one who chose it.

psp_slimlite.jpgThe time of traditional radio is really coming to an end unless the hardcore old-timers make their staunch stand in preserving old-school radio. Sony’s throwing in web radio for the latest update of the firmware for PSP Slim+Lite 3.80. The PSP web radio will be available in the land of games and gadgets, Japan, on December 18 with the rest of the world (that’s us, sadly) catching up with the new update in the next months to come. The PSP web radio featuers stations like the Disney channel, Sky.fm 80s and Station Agent among many others.

Other than the new web radio feature, video search is also added for Japanese PSP gamers. They always get the good stuff first, don’t they? Now that’s what I call a Christmas gift. But hey, don’t be too depressed, there’s always next year after all.

source : www.coolgeekgadgets.com

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